Some good from heartache

I posted on a local goat facebook site that I was looking for orphans or rejected kids for my doe who lost her babies and really needed someone to love. More

Hoof trimming day

One of the maintenance issues with goats is that they need to have their hooves trimmed, how often depends on their living conditions. More

Tough decision, once again

It is really difficult to decide which babies to keep and which to sell to a new home. I’ve seen each one enter this world, watched them grow and worried over them so it is more than “just selling livestock.” More

Is your goat okay?

So my two does don’t kid near the same time next spring (they were just a day apart this year), the plan is for them to have a month or two between birthings.  I chose to have Summer bred first this time so Capri would need to wait.  Capri’s hormones, however, were not cooperative.  She can get quite vocal when she wants to go visiting.  More

And the barn . . .

When my girls first came here, their shelter was on the attached, covered, enclosed patio. It was quite handy just off the garage, so easy to step outside the kitchen door through the corner of the garage and there they were.  More