Capri’s babies – May 19, 2014

Capri’s time was getting very close so the afternoon of Friday, May 18th, so I put her in the kidding pen.  Poor thing was huge.  I had decided if she had her babies on the 18th, I would find good volcano names for them, hoping at least one would be a doeling to be named Helen.  Because of all the trouble she had last year, I decided to spend the night in her stall since she had her babies late at night the past two years. More

Summer’s new babies!

Late night, Friday, April 4th, Summer, due any time, showed no signs of impending labor.  However, I moved her to the kidding stall earlier that evening just to be on the safe side.  More

Summer’s first babies with video

Yesterday, Saturday, was a day of heartbreak with Capri’s babies.  I was glad it was a few days until Summer’s babies were due; I really needed to recharge.  As it turns out, Mother Nature had other plans. More

Capri and Princess

Princess after a meal, checking out this big ol' world.

Princess after a meal, checking out this big ol’ world.

At midnight, Friday, April 4, 2013, Capri finally gave birth to Princess, her first baby this year.  More

First day home

Capri (laying) and Summer at home their first evening.

Capri (laying) and Summer at home their first evening.

March 10, 2012

In August of 2010, after a lot of discussion at the committee meetings, I posted on a sustainable living group to which I belonged asking if someone had Nigerian Dwarf goats that I could visit.  Joann very sweetly replied and invited me out to their farm.

I fell in love!  More