Ginger, just a few minutes after birth.

Ginger, just a few minutes after birth.



VerandaBeach  Ginger at VanEden, born March 26, 2012

AGS D-643o4

Sire:  Camanna GB Moonlight Legend [DOB: 5/7/10] – AGS D153506

Dam:  Capriola RB Italian Sunset [DOB: 8/12/09] – AGS D49032


Ginger-Laughing_0182Ginger is due to kid the first week of May in 2015.  If she is born on May 6th, that would be 16th anniversary of  the closing of the sale of her first (and only) home. Of course, May Day would be a good day for kidding as well.  May 3rd is the full moon and part of her dad’s name is Moonlight Legend.

UPDATE: Sadly, Ginger did not get to be mom in 2015.  She miscarried so did not get to raise kids.  She will be a terrific mother.  As you can see with the video of her with her two-year-younger siblings, she is a very patient and loving girl.  I am so looking forward to when she can have her own little ones.

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