Hoof trimming day

One of the maintenance issues with goats is that they need to have their hooves trimmed, how often depends on their living conditions.  Mine are on mostly soft ground without rocks to wear down the hooves so need their pedicures fairly often.  They also need to have their eyelids checked for color to ensure they are not anemic which would indicate a heavy worm-load and treatment needed.  I don’t trust my own judgement so like to have my goat person check them when she is here.  Because my girls need to go elsewhere for breeding, they need their annual testing done, caprine biosecurity, to ensure they are a “clean” herd.  Most breeders test for CAE, Johne’s and CL – that means a blood draw which I will not do being needle-phobic as I am.  If you ever take your goats elsewhere or other goats visit your farm, this must be done annually.

My girls now have their fresh pedicures and, by eyelid color, have shown there is no worm issue here.  Either conditions are not good for worms to survive or my girls are naturally resistant or the fir boughs are doing good for prevention or all three.  Whatever the reason, it is a good thing!

There is a vial of blood from each of them in the refrigerator to send to the lab for their annual testing.  Now the next thing they will need is their annual C D & T shots at the end of summer when it will be time for another pedicure.  With the blood draw today and the C D & T shots later, their “maintenance” work will be done for another year.

They also were weighed today.  Summer is 62.8 lbs., Ginger is 83.6 lbs., Dancer is 73.4 lbs., and Dollie is 51.4 lbs.  It appears that Ginger is not holding up her end of the bargain that we both lose 20 pounds!  Dancer could be ten pounds lighter without having a problem.  Summer is still in milk and is just right.  Only Summer gets grain and all other food is grass, browse and grass hay, so it appears more running would be helpful to Ginger and Dancer.

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