Some good from heartache

I posted on a local goat facebook site that I was looking for orphans or rejected kids for my doe who lost her babies and really needed someone to love.  Unfortunately for us (though fortunately for others), there were no responses.  However, on the 16th, Day 8 of Ginger’s kidding, my vet’s office called.  They have another client with a doe who rejected one of her kids and asked if I was interested in providing milk for it.  Of course I was!  Ginger is producing this outstanding milk which would be totally wasted for soap making when its richness and composition is so valuable to new kids.  I called the people immediately and they picked up the first batch of milk the next day.  They waited because the baby was on a special formula because of diarrhea.  They took two quarts and three pints.  I missed two more pints in the freezer they can pick up later.

Their two and a half week old  baby is doing very well on Ginger’s milk – they said that she just loves it.  Well, of course, she does!  Ginger’s milk doesn’t taste very good to me right now because it is so close to freshening, but to a baby goat, it has to be the best thing on earth.

They will be picking up another batch today.  Ginger has very generously provided nearly four more quarts.  This morning she gave 22.7 ounces, almost a pint and a half, and will likely give that much again this evening.

So there is a Tennessee Fainting Goat kid named Katie living twenty miles north of me that is getting the wonderfully rich Nigerian Dwarf milk my Ginger is providing, even richer than its siblings are getting from their own mom.

Today brought more good news.  My middle son and youngest granddaughter were over around noon.  Ginger let her walk up to her and pet and scratch her and didn’t move away.  After she got a treat, she went to my son also who was standing by me.  So perhaps she will soon accept her mama person again without running away.  I was really hoping she would let my granddaughter walk up to her; a little girl’s feelings would have been really hurt if not so her heart was glad and so was mine.  She especially loves Ginger since she gets to give her lots of attention.

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