Success with City Goats

If you are considering buying goats, the first thing to do is to research the care of goats.  Before I purchased my goats, I joined this group and spent many hours reading through the archives there:
I highly recommend it as well as Deborah’s books which are very well researched and contain up-to-date information.  While you may be going to have your goats for pets, be aware they are not like dogs or cats and have very specific needs. In spite of being loving and sweet, they are still livestock.  They are not house pets but need to be outside in the company of other goats.  A goat always needs at least one goat friend or they will be unhappy and stressed which can cause health issues.


Moonlight for sale $250, Vancouver, WA . . . . . . SOLD

Moonlight is sold and living in Lakeview, Oregon, with his own herd where he will become Daddy to some great kids.
Postscript May 2, 2020:  Today, one of Moonlight’s yearling daughters came to live with us.  With her pedigree, I have high hopes for her milking future.

Registered Nigerian Dwarf, VanEden Dollies Moonlight (D-88143). DOB 4-16-2016 More

Look what we did – My girls and me!!!

Ginger and Dollie gave their wonderful milk for great cream cheese! In the intitial judging, both of my entries received blue ribbons. Later, in the celebrity judging and Judge’s Choice, we received first *and* second!
(This is the recipe in the “Milking and Products” section.)



Pregnancy test results

Pregnancy test results are back as of January 14th.   Big disappointment is that Summer is NOT pregnant and was dried up at the end of November so she would have a good three-month rest before mid-March kidding. More

Weighing goats

Weighing goats is not exactly like stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office.  Well, it is but isn’t.  More

Still very much under construction . . .

Welcome, folks.  This site is very much under construction and, More

Is your life boring?

Is your life boring?
Is your life dull?
Does your life lack adventure?

Then your life needs a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goats! More