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The turtle sandbox the girls are playing in was a favorite place for mom to lay towards the end of her pregnancy.  I would walk out there and she would be laying in it trying to get comfortable.

It is amazing how patient goats can be with each other.  Ginger has not yet been a mom but she is so very patient with this little pest.  It is certain she will be as great a mother as her own mother, Capri.  Hopefully in the spring of 2015, we will find out.

One of the joys of having goats is watching the kids play.  They are so very precious.  However, the drawback is that you can watch them for literally hours!  They are so full of energy and mischief it is amazing, and they are always looking for something new to do and to try.

Those “chains” you see used for collars on goats are actually breakaway collars, plastic link chains designed to break if they get tangled in something, unlike a leather or fabric collar that may keep them trapped or even strangled.  However, that does not mean all moms want their babies collared – Summer clearly does not!

One of the great advantages to having these little goats is that if you have a bad day elsewhere, you can visit the goats and the world will be all right again.  The two littlest ones mostly in my lap are the youngest of Summer’s litter (the buckskin) and the oldest of Capri’s litter (the white one).  Both were supplemented with a bottle though they were always with mom and their siblings so they would know they are really goats.  This video was taken at the end of the day at dusk.

Poor Capri.  She was so huge with this pregnancy.  She didn’t let that deter her from anything she wanted to do.  I thought I was going to have to set a block inside the chicken house door for her to step out – but she made it!



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