And the barn . . .

When my girls first came here, their shelter was on the attached, covered, enclosed patio. It was quite handy just off the garage, so easy to step outside the kitchen door through the corner of the garage and there they were.  With only two, they had a small space but for the next year, I added a kidding area so their space was expanded and to be expanded yet again.  The ballast stone floor made cleaning easy.  They had a full-size door to the north to their outside area.

As handy as it was for the humans, they still needed to have their own space made for them, not a human space altered.  I searched for on-line plans and found the perfect barn with a gambrel roof.  If I have a barn, I want it to look like a barn, not a shed.  I found mine at and chose the 12×16 plans and altered it to 12×12 to not cover my ballast stone walkway and still have the doors face the main yard.  There wasn’t much point of the gambrel roof it didn’t face the yard.

Unfortunately, a dislocated shoulder and broken arm delayed construction until late fall, but it was important to have it habitable for spring kidding, 2014.  Several people worked on it, each bringing their specific skills.  Mid-November, the framing was finished.  The roof was started and the siding was added.  Several stumbling stones were encountered including my middle son who was in charge of the roof having health issues and two surgeries.  Before his first surgery, he managed to get three-quarters of the roof on with a friend finishing that last quarter (over the kidding pen) a couple of months later.


The framing is complete. Next step is the walls and the roof. Suntuff roofing will allow ample light inside during the daytime even with closed doors.


A cozy place to go – February 21, 2018

Barn Snow 2018-0221

(Yes, we do have snow in western Washington)

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