Although I like my goat milk yogurt, I didn’t make it too often. I had one of the yogurt makers that uses the small jars with it being gone within two days!  I had been hearing about the Instant Pot so I joined the facebook Instant Pot Community to learn more.  I was skeptical about another appliance, but when I learned it has a yogurt feature, More

Glenna’s ice cream recipe


  • Two quarts whole milk (real milk not factory milk, IceCreamSigngoat milk is best with Nigerian Dwarf goat milk being supreme)
  • Two cups sugar (organic cane dehydrated sugar is what I use, have only been able to find it at Costco)
  • One dozen eggs (real eggs, again not factory eggs)
  • 2.5 Tablespoons of pure vanilla (again, pure, not extract)


Antiquity Oaks 100-yard ice cream

This maple syrup ice cream recipe is from Antiquity Oaks and is so named because all of the ingredients are produced within 100 yards of their kitchen.  Deborah Niemann says if you don’t have maple syrup, you can substitute sugar or honey and add a teaspoon of vanilla after the mixture boils and you turn off the heat.  I have tried this myself with the maple syrup and can say it is outstanding! More

Cream cheese

Cheese is a great benefit of dairy goats being in the family.  Because of the high butterfat of Nigerian Dwarf goat milk, their milk is great for cheeses because the yield is much higher per pound of milk. More

Procedure for milking

Though this is only my third year milking, I have realized the following. More

Why goat milk?

Not just why goat milk, but why Nigerian Goat milk?  Of course I am a complete supporter of Nigerian Goat milk, something a few years ago I would not have suspected More

Milk Brag – January 3, 2015

One morning's milking at Day 274

One morning’s milking at Day 274

Okay, I must brag; that’s what goat mommas do! This morning, on the 274th day after having her second set of triplets, Summer gave me 28 ounces of milk – that is 3/4 of a quart!