City Goats


I have Nigerian Dwarf does and live on a 0.3-acre lot. I was concerned about the size since I grew up on a farm. I talked to my breeder about needed space and told her what I had when their space would be far less than it was there. She assured me that they really don’t need much room. In fact hers, with five acres, stayed mostly in the half acre near the barn. Every visit bore out that observation. More

Choosing a herd name

When I became serious about buying my dairy goats, I decided to buy registered animals.  It has since been pointed out that it costs the same to feed a high quality animal as it does to feed one of lower or unknown quality, further validating my decision.  Although registered goats would be more expensive, More

My first goats, unintended (with video)

September 20, 2011

This first venture into goats started out very innocently, even accidentally, definitely not planned.  Until now, it was only a minor consideration, a maybe someday thing.  More