Dollie is the youngest of Capri’s 2014 litter born in May.Dollie  Choosing names is not always easy.  In this case, I considered naming her after one of my grandmothers using a middle name.  In looking at the family tree, I noticed that the name of the mother of my maternal grandfather name was well suited to this sweet little doeing – Dollie.  Her last name (married) is Sheridan.  That was a great name so this doeling’s name will honor Grandma Sheridan.  When she is milking, her ice cream will served in Grandma Sheridan’s sherbet dishes – a loving touch to a gift given to me with love by my own grandmother.


VanEden Capris Dollie Sheridan, born May 19, 2014

Sire:  Coast-Wind BWC Chip [DOB: 4/2/11] – ADGA D001591089
Dam:  Capriola RB Italian Sunset [DOB: 8/12/09] – AGS D49032

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