Is your goat okay?

So my two does don’t kid near the same time next spring (they were just a day apart this year), the plan is for them to have a month or two between birthings.  I chose to have Summer bred first this time so Capri would need to wait.  Capri’s hormones, however, were not cooperative.  She can get quite vocal when she wants to go visiting.  She also stands as close to the buck as she can even though he is many miles away. Her instincts tell her he is east so she stands as far east as she can get.  This puts her at the front of the part of the pen along the alley, about 25 feet from the front sidewalk – in clear view of everyone walking by and, more importantly, within earshot.

When I first got my two girls, I was concerned I would not know when their time was.  No need to worry about that!  Capri is normally a very quiet little girl and usually was only vocal with her babies when they were little, a very soft and soothing call.  So when she started hollering like someone was torturing her, I was first scared there was something wrong.  Closer investigation revealed nothing was wrong, that she just wanted to go visiting.

Last year, I took her out to see her boyfriend during her first November heat so there were no more then.  However, a month ago, she decided to let me, and the entire world, know that it was time to go for a ride.  Her human thought differently so she is making it known it is time again!  She has been so loud that I actually felt I had to put a sign on the fence reassuring everyone that she was okay, that she was not hollering because she was sick or in pain.  Last year, in the three hours before I took her out to see her boyfriend, several people asked me if she was okay (they had never heard any of them ever make a sound); she really did seem very much in distress.

It was interesting to watch when people read the sign.  Some would talk to her and reassure her it was okay and look very sympathetic.  Others looked at her and smiled understandingly.  Of course, all will come back next spring to see babies hopping all over the place.

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