Antiquity Oaks 100-yard ice cream

This maple syrup ice cream recipe is from Antiquity Oaks and is so named because all of the ingredients are produced within 100 yards of their kitchen.  Deborah Niemann says if you don’t have maple syrup, you can substitute sugar or honey and add a teaspoon of vanilla after the mixture boils and you turn off the heat.  I have tried this myself with the maple syrup and can say it is outstanding! More

Ginger visited Stuart

Ginger decided today that she wanted to visit Stuart. More

Summer visits Stuart

Update:  Two breedings and January 14th blood test results showed Summer is NOT pregnant.  She was dried up to allow her a three-month rest before kidding – it’s going to be a lot longer than that now!
After many weeks of watching and waiting, I finally caught Summer in heat. More

City Goats


I have Nigerian Dwarf does and live on a 0.3-acre lot. I was concerned about the size since I grew up on a farm. I talked to my breeder about needed space and told her what I had when their space would be far less than it was there. She assured me that they really don’t need much room. In fact hers, with five acres, stayed mostly in the half acre near the barn. Every visit bore out that observation. More

Cream cheese

Cheese is a great benefit of dairy goats being in the family.  Because of the high butterfat of Nigerian Dwarf goat milk, their milk is great for cheeses because the yield is much higher per pound of milk. More

Hoof trimming day

One of the maintenance issues with goats is that they need to have their hooves trimmed, how often depends on their living conditions. More

Procedure for milking

Though this is only my third year milking, I have realized the following. More

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