Moonlight for sale $250, Vancouver, WA . . . . . . SOLD

Moonlight is sold and living in Lakeview, Oregon, with his own herd where he will become Daddy to some great kids.
Postscript May 2, 2020:  Today, one of Moonlight’s yearling daughters came to live with us.  With her pedigree, I have high hopes for her milking future.

Registered Nigerian Dwarf, VanEden Dollies Moonlight (D-88143). DOB 4-16-2016

I usually have all the boys wethered and sell them for pets. However, this boy has excellent dairy conformation (as do his mother and grandmother –  his grandmother is the doe on the extreme right in the banner photo).  Moonlight has outstanding dairy genetics and a truly sweet disposition so I really want to see him be a herd sire to improve your already great dairy line . (He is also easy on fences.)

Up-to-date on vaccines, from clean herd (all does tested annually).  No de-worming done (on any of the herd), line seems to be resistant with good herd practices, fecals always test clean.

Five-generation pedigree available (many Camanna, Twin Creeks, Poppy Patch, Promised Land in his line and does with a lot of milk stars).

Sire: Camanna GB Moonlight Legend (D1535066)

  • SS: Sugar Pine FD Grizzly Bear (D1524539)
    • SSS: Hayseed Farm’s FA Flash Dancer (D-19626)
    • SSD:  Sugar Pine SL Bear Cat (D1379670)
  • SD: Camanna CS Moonlight Sonata (D-39355)
    • SDS: TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo (D-29122)
    • SDD:  Sugar Pine SL Moonlight Molly (D-39349)

Dam:  VanEden Dollie Sheridan (D-85462)

  • DS: Coast-Wind BWC Chip (D1591089)
    • DSS:  Country Pride BW Chase (D1421546)
    • DSD:  DIJI Far CG Marmalade (D1499042)
  • DD:  Capriola RB Italian Sunset (D-49032
    • DDS:  Camanna LK Royal Blue (D-40208)
    • DDD: Sugar Pine RHB Sunset Splash (D-26559)

Moonlight’s dam is easy to milk with large teats (and will milk almost completely dry with the Simple Pulse milking machine).  Moonlight has a very sweet temperament as do all of the does in his line, and he loves his human friends. He is gentle with the ladies (and has no male companion).  Since all of my does are closely related to him, he has been bred only once with the result being three doelings.

All of the does in his herd (mother, grandmother and aunts) have rich milk ranging from 7 to 10+ percent butterfat, leaning more to the higher percentage during most of the lactation.  They are not on formal milk test but I keep barn records and have the milk regularly tested at the Willamette DHIA lab in Salem, Oregon.  Currently, his mother and her older sister (both first fresheners) are still milking in their 29th and 28th month, producing 1.25 plus pounds per day once a day milking.  Both produced 2.25 to 3.50 at six months (depending on kids’ appetites).  I work towards extended lactations because I live in town and am limited to the number of goats allowed so I prefer to have fewer kids to have to give up.

Officially, he is a tan buckskin with white markings but is predominantly white with some black and tan and has a sweet little black marking below his left eye that looks like a tear.  He has his grandmother’s beautiful gold eyes!

Pedigree 5-generation Moonlight and India

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