Ginger visited Stuart

Ginger decided today that she wanted to visit Stuart.  I had hoped to breed her much earlier but Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating so that we humans could know when.Photo courtesy of Goldenwood Farm, Canby, Oregon

This evening, Ginger let me know it was time.  Stuart’s dad was a buddy to Ginger’s dad; the two were roommates for many years at Ginger’s mother’s previous home and where Summer (her older sister) was born.   Ginger’s parents both come from great milk lines and now we are adding another set of great milking genes to the mix. If she settles (becomes pregnant) from today’s breeding, her babies will be due between March 3th and 7th.

If she is as good a milk goat as her big sister, she will be outstanding and her does from this breeding will be as well.  Last year, Ginger was bred but lost her baby early this year.  Then I decided to wait for several months before re-breeding her though I did plan for it to be sooner that this.  However, waiting gave us the opportunity for her to meet this great guy!

The two of them make a very attractive pair of goats.


POST SCRIPT:  Ginger lost her two babies on March 8th.  The tragic story is here:

Photo courtesy of Goldenwood Farm, Canby, Oregon

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