Summer visits Stuart

Update:  Two breedings and January 14th blood test results showed Summer is NOT pregnant.  She was dried up to allow her a three-month rest before kidding – it’s going to be a lot longer than that now!
After many weeks of watching and waiting, I finally caught Summer in heat.  I had wanted one of her sisters or her daughter to be bred first this year to kid this fall so someone would be in milk through the winter months.  However, goats combined with Mother Nature do not do what we humans want – they do things on their schedule.  We can watch and hope, but they rule.Photo courtesy of Goldenwood Farm, Canby, Oregon

Today, Summer went to visit Stuart who will make a great dad for her babies.  He comes from an excellent line of dairy goats with outstanding milk records.  If she settles (becomes pregnant) from today’s breeding, her babies will be due February 22nd – Washington’s birthday.

Summer is currently giving a pint of milk a day at Day 546 of this lactation, very good for a second freshener.  Her second litter of  kids was born eighteen months ago on April 4th so she will surely enjoy having babies again next spring.  She is an excellent mom and likely misses having kids.  As soon as her pregnancy is confirmed, in about six weeks, I will dry her up so she has a long rest and all her body resources go to her babies.

To be honest, I have missed having kids this year.  I have suffered from serious kid withdrawal.  It will be great to have some bouncing around out there again.

Photo courtesy of Goldenwood Farm, Canby, Oregon

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