Why goat milk?

Not just why goat milk, but why Nigerian Goat milk?  Of course I am a complete supporter of Nigerian Goat milk, something a few years ago I would not have suspected – goats were not animals I ever considered and did not grow up around them and did not even knew anyone who raised goats.  I grew up in eastern Washington, very much more cattle country than goat or sheep country.  A lot of alfalfa was grown there as well as grains so feed lots and dairies were plentiful.

This is one of many pages that explains why goat milk, and especially Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is great milk.  http://www.betterhensandgardens.com/whats-so-great-about-dwarf-nigerian-goat-milk-anyway/

I encourage you to search for more info about these wonderful little animals and the delicious milk they produce.  I am obviously very biased and could talk/write endlessly about how the many joys of these little goats.

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