Is your life boring?

Is your life boring?
Is your life dull?
Does your life lack adventure?

Then your life needs a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goats!

I was outside doing some things and heard one my girls calling from behind the barn or so I thought.  No one back there but Capri and her triplets were elsewhere they were not supposed to be so I got them away from there and fixed it so they shouldn’t (note:  shouldn’t) get there again.  I still heard a call from someone behind the barn so started counting heads.  Everyone was in sight . . . except Dancer!  She is my yearling that I hope to breed this fall and get another super milker like her mom, Summer.  I looked all over, no Dancer.  I heard her call again.  Did she somehow manage to get out of the yard – is she actually out in the alley trying to get in?  Nope, not there. I still heard her call occasionally but can never be absolutely sure it is her with others also calling.

I keep going to the back side of the barn.  While I was standing there, I heard her.  She is there, somewhere!  But there is nowhere for her to be. I hear her again.  I look down and see a little spotted hind end.  She somehow managed to get under one of the shelf units and cannot get out.  These are about six inches off the ground (the bottom shelf) and there was only a space about a foot wide for her to get through.  No way would a goat, other than a baby, manage to get in there.  The depth is only less than two feet front to back, but there she was, nearly out of sight and no room to turn around.  No room for me to reach in and pull her out even if she was “pullable” which she as not.  She was wedged in there pretty good.  A chain link fence set in concrete is on the far side so no chance there without disassembling the fence fabric.  The shelf unit is full of stuff and would take at least an hour to clear off to be able to move it at all.

A couple of phone calls for help, but no one is available.  I think a car jack could get it up far enough she might be able to get out but I don’t have that kind of jack.  Okay, so get the shovel and start digging!  I managed to get enough dug out that the crate beside her was able to be pulled out.  Dig a little more and there is enough room for her to wiggle out.  She is one scared but happy little goat!  Now we shall see how smart she is to not go in there again.

I cannot imagine why she would have even tried to go there and cannot imagine, either, how she managed to get in there.  If I had a stuffed animal her size, I would have been hard pressed to push it in there – but yet she managed to get in there and completely out of sight from straight down.  I would have *never* found her if it had been dark!

So, when she settled down a bit, I managed to get her to eat some raspberry leaves (for stress) and alfalfa pellets which for now are a treat.

Now only how, but why, did she go there?  She is just too big to have gotten in there so this took some real effort on her part.  It’s like someone shoved her under there and I know *that* didn’t happen.  Bizarre, but she is safe now.  I hope she wasn’t there too long since the ground is damp and they are susceptible to pneumonia.  She won’t be liking my taking her temperature for the next few days.

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