Summer’s new babies!

Late night, Friday, April 4th, Summer, due any time, showed no signs of impending labor.  However, I moved her to the kidding stall earlier that evening just to be on the safe side.  The previous year, her first for having babies, she delivered triplets in less than an hour with no signs until less five minutes before the first kid emerged so I had been keeping a very close eye on her.  She had her second and third a full half hour after the first one, and they came seconds apart!  This night, about 11:45, she started getting “fidgety” but no outward sign of birth approaching.  I went to the house for a drink of water and when I got back out, one baby was born!  It was five ’til midnight.  The next baby was born followed by the third baby who made it under the wire before the clock struck twelve.  Summer had finished cleaning off Baby #1.  As Baby #3 was being born, I picked up Baby #2 and started drying her off.  She wasn’t breathing.  Panic.  I started rubbing her and she gave a little cough.  I immediately gave her to mom so she could do her mom thing as her tongue was far gentler than my human hands and towel.
By a quarter after midnight all babies were mobile and looking for dinner.  Kids don’t mess around at all before getting that first meal.  With mom gently nudging them to her udder, it doesn’t take long before they have a mouthful of teat and a tummy full of precious mother’s milk.  That early milk is the most important; it has colostrum in it which gives the babies “lots of good things” baby bodies need.  Their tiny tummies can only absorb the colostrum in the first 12-24 hours so it is critical they get it as soon as possible and as much as their tummies can hold.

Bottoms up!  All three babies were doelings, a dairy goat mama’s dream.  That means all will be sold as milk goats or pets, no freezer for them!  The first born was a perfectly marked buckskin with a flawless black cape.  The second born was a brown and white pinto like her year-old-sister from last year, also the second born in her litter.  The youngest was also a buckskin with a much “briefer” cape.  All three were lively and full of energy as kids are.  One only needs to watch baby goats for a little while to understand how human youngsters came to be called kids.  They are bouncing all over the place within an hour which is sometimes unsettling for mom who is concerned and also very tired.  Summer is an outstanding mom and takes it all in stride talking to them in that soft mama voice of mama goats.

Baby goats must have tattoos before they are registered  Each year has an assigned letter and a number which indicates their birth order on their farm.  Like most people, I have chosen ear tattoos versus tail tattoos.  These babies are E1, E2 and E3 with names to come later.


SummerKids-Birth-037  SummerKids-Birth-012 SummerKids-Birth-033 SummerKids-Birth-036

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