Summer’s first babies with video

Yesterday, Saturday, was a day of heartbreak with Capri’s babies.  I was glad it was a few days until Summer’s babies were due; I really needed to recharge.  As it turns out, Mother Nature had other plans.

Late this morning, after feeding him, I returned Capri’s struggling buckling to the kidding pen and his mom and siblings, then checked Summer since she was due mid-week to deliver her own kids.  No sign of anything soon to happen so I went inside the house.  A few minutes later, I realized I had forgotten to check for eggs so went out the other door headed for the chicken house.  I heard something fall on the patio where the goats were living.  Thinking Ginger, my yearling, had knocked something off from somewhere, I went to check though what fell I never ascertained.

Oh, my!  Summer was back under the sleeping shelf in the corner and was clearly starting to deliver her first baby.  I quickly went to unlock the gate so my son could get in while calling him on my cell phone to come because babies were!  By the time I got back to Summer, less than two minutes, she had delivered her first baby.  Thankfully, all was fine and she was quickly cleaning it and drying it off.  It was half an hour later this little one was bouncing all over, so much so I had to place a board at the legs of the sleeping shelf to keep him near mom who I did not want upset.  Then Summer delivered her second baby right into the corner!  The third one was coming before the second even cleared. I had to move the second one out of the way so third one had room in this big ol’ world.

I put #2 at Summer’s head after briefly drying it a little and then partially dried #3 then gave it to her also.  She, fortunately, was finished with delivering with no problems of any kind, and had the three sweetest little kids she could have had.  Initially, I thought I had three doelings – note I said initially.

Summer is a first freshener which means this is her first time having kids.  Many have said that first fresheners rarely have more than twins.  Well . . .

The video was taken when they were four days old.  It is inside under with artificial light but still shows how curious they are.  The tri-color was first born; the brown and white pinto was next; the buckskin was third.  Birth order does not determine who is boss – they all are!  The next day they got to go outside with all the goats together.  You can imagine the jumping and running and bouncing that went on.  That is also when I realized they were not all three girls – it was boy, girl, boy.  Oops, apparently I did not check.  Because the weekend had been so rough, I didn’t beat myself up about the mistake though was embarrassed because I had already told folks I had three girls.  However, as I said, the bathroom doesn’t lie.

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