Naming a baby

She is already five days old and needs a name so I am trying to name the new baby which should be an easy task.  However, registered animals need to carry the herd name of the owner of the doe (mother) at time of breeding at the front of their names. The entire name must total 30 or fewer letters including spaces.  In this case, that herd name is 13 letters (counting a space after) which doesn’t leave me room to include the grandparents’ herd initials (and one great grandparent) which I would like to have done bringing the number to 17, leaving only 13 letters for me.

I wanted to call her Moonlight Ginger with Ginger being her practical name and Moonlight from her dad, grandmother and great grandmother.  She has a great grandmother named Cinnamon Splash so naming her Ginger would relate to her.  Baby’s brown blanket does look more like cinnamon than ginger, however.  Both of her grandparents and a great grandparent come from Sugar Pine herd which is why I wanted to put SP in her name but would be 32 letters.  Even leaving the space out and making it VerandaBeach SP MoonlightGinger still doesn’t make it.

Since she will be a registered doe, a reference to her herd past is a good thing for selling her or her offspring.  VerandaBeach Sugar Pine Ginger has both herd names and is 30 letters, VerandaBeach Moonlight Ginger has 29 letters but no reference to her grandparents’ herd.

This only matters if I ever sell does (boys will be wethers and are spoken for) as I will call her Ginger (if I decide on Ginger).  With the odds of girls and boys being 50 percent for either, there will very likely be doelings to sell.  I am considering the name of “Ginger” because she is so spicy (lively) though her blanket color is lighter than ginger root.  I am also considering the English-ized version of the Greek for “little girl” which might be the one less letter needed.

This is all rather silly given this will only be on a piece of paper and with her being my first kid (with a good milking lineage), she likely won’t ever be sold.  In the future, when any of these three does have babies, naming will be much easier; this has been a good lesson in how a short herd name is a good thing.  The very thought of a herd name when we are allowed so few animals in town is truly comical but necessary for them to be registered.


Post script:  Her registered name is “VerandaBeach Ginger at VanEden”

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