Birth night for Ginger

The gestation period for goats is 145 days and, like humans, can vary several days.  Capri’s babies were due around March 27th.

Shortly after 9:00, the night of March 26th, Capri showed signs of being in labor.  Later, I would learn that she was having a difficult labor with it taking far longer than it should have though I did not realize that at the time.  She did deliver her first baby after about an hour of active labor.  Since IMG_0120Nigerian Dwarf does are famous for having multiple births, I expected more especially since Capri had given birth to triplets last year as a first freshener (first time having babies).  However, I lucked out for my own situation as she had a single doeling.  That single doeling weighed 4-1/2 pounds!  Most Nigerian Dwarf kids average two to three pounds making her larger than average which was why the delivery was difficult for Mom.  Mother and baby were doing very well and this goat momma was a very happy person.   Big sister, Summer, was allowed back in with them after a few hours.  She was interested in this new person but was very gentle and kept her distance.




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