First day home

Capri (laying) and Summer at home their first evening.

Capri (laying) and Summer at home their first evening.

March 10, 2012

In August of 2010, after a lot of discussion at the committee meetings, I posted on a sustainable living group to which I belonged asking if someone had Nigerian Dwarf goats that I could visit.  Joann very sweetly replied and invited me out to their farm.

I fell in love!  She didn’t have any goats to sell at that time, but I made up my mind that when I bought, I wanted to buy my girls from her.  It was very clear how much she loved her little goats and how well cared for they were.  That fateful visit was in August of 2010.

Over a year later, Joann decided she needed to sell some of her does because, as you know, goats multiply.  At some point, we need to decide it is time to let go and share the joy.  She contacted me and told me she would have some to sell in a few months.

For now, I will skip over the next many months to February of 2012 when I was ready to buy and visited again to look at Allie who Joann was selling.  Allie was due to kid at the end of March.  Because I live in town and am limited to the number of goats I can have, I really didn’t want to buy more than Allie since she was going to kid soon.  Joann very wisely refused to sell just one.  I did not realize the importance of that until much later; not only is one goat miserable but there might have been a chance of her being so stressed as to lose her babies.  She offered Allie’s doe, Summer, from the previous year and gave me a great deal for the two of them, so I brought Allie and Summer home on Saturday, March 10th.

My original plan was that after I had milking does that were born here, I would sell Allie and Summer together as they had always been together.  Again, this sale would be because of the limit on number of animals, not my own wishes.

There would be some name confusion.  Joann told me that she doubted that Allie knew her name.  My son’s family had a dog named Allie so it seemed a good idea to change this lovely doe’s name to avoid confusion for the granddaughters, one of whom was only four.  Allie’s registered name is Capriola RB Italian Sunset so I chose “Capri” as it was already part of her name leaving me to feel not so guilty about changing it.  She seemed to like the name as she learned it within the day.

The photo here was taken their first afternoon here in their new home.  That is Capri laying down and really not looking very pregnant.  She had triplets the year before as a first time mother.  Summer, much more shy than her mom, is standing.  Even then, I felt guilty because Summer was sort of the “extra” goat bought as a companion.  Later, it will become apparent we often do not know what is good for us!

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